Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Die letzte Schulwoche...

Hey ho,
heute, also wirklich heute, bin ich mit meiner fetten Kamera in der Schule rumgelaufen und habe Bilder mit meinen Lieblingen in der Schule gemacht.

if you want any of these pictures you might be able to just copy or download them. If not, let me know and I can send them to you. I had a great year with y'all. Thanks for being such great friend. Never change please! I love every single one of you! :)

My first friend I made, Jennifer. First day, first period. :)

Jennifer, Andrew & Ashley

Sal :)


David! :)

Guitar Class <3


The german Daniele ;)


Algebra Friends

The besties! Europa & Salvador! Loooove you!

Sal, who can't smile but I still love you ;)

Europa one of my favorite people ever!

PE Friends! <3

Stephanie & Briana


The craziest teacher in the world & my frenchie! 


My favorite Katie! I love you girl! <3

French Class! Love you guys!

Favorite french teacher! <3

My great friend Alexa! <3

One of the sweetest teachers ever! ;)

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